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Carolyn Johnson reports that another cycle in the pharmaceutical outrage machine is building up:Politicians are, once again, concerned that a drug company that plans to sell an old medicine for a very high price is taking advantage of the system. On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep.Canada Goose chateau parka navy Elijah E. Cummings […]

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bedrijfsprocessen ondersteunen met itSuitsFashion. De drie merken hebben voor itSuitsFashion gekozen omdat ze hiermee een aanzienlijke verkorting van de time to market van hun collecties kunnen realiseren.Paul Jonker, CEO van it suits IT: “Voor fashionbedrijven is het van essentieel belang om met de juiste, professionele business management software te werken. Dit geeft hen optimaal beheer […]

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I’ve seen a bunch of criticism of Sen. Jeff Flake that goes like this: Sure, you talk big about Trump, but when it comes to a vote you’re always on his side. What a hypocrite.This is also a general criticism of nearly every Republican who criticizes Trump. But what do you expect them to do? […]

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Owners of wealth will have every incentive to see every increase in unemployment as a temporary thing. And they’ll be right some of the time. After all, the economy will continue to go up and down, just like always. At some point, however,Canada Goose black label labor force participation will start dropping steadily enough that […]

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But Ford’s regional office in Phoenix has “no explanation” for the presence of Canadian cars in their local dealerships. Farther up the line in Dearborn, Ford people claim there is absolutely no difference between American and Canadian Pintos. They say cars are shipped back and forth across the border as a matter of course. But […]

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Pinto lawsuits began mounting fast against Ford. Says John Versace, executive safety engineer at Ford’s Safety Research Center, “Ulcers are running pretty high among the engineers who worked on the Pinto. Every lawyer in the country seems to want to take their depositions.” (The Safety Research Center is an impressive glass and concrete building standing […]

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The particular regulation involved here was Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 301. Ford picked portions of Standard 301 for strong opposition way back in 1968 when the Pinto was still in the blueprint stage. The intent of 301, and the 300 series that followed it, was to protect drivers and passengers after a crash occurs. […]

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Cost-benefit analysis was used only occasionally in government until President Kennedy appointed Ford Motor Company president Robert McNamara to be Secretary of Defense. McNamara, originally an accountant, preached cost-benefit with all the force of a Biblical zealot. Stated in its simplest terms, cost-benefit analysis says that if the cost is greater than the benefit, the […]

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“So you see,” continued the anonymous Ford engineer ironically, “there are a few of us here at Ford who are concerned about fire safety.” He adds: “They are mostly engineers who have to study a lot of accident reports and look at pictures of burned people. But we don’t talk about it much. It isn’t […]

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This scenario is no news to Ford. Internal company documents in our possession show that Ford has crash-tested the Pinto at a top-secret site more than 40 times and that every test made at over 25 mph without special structural alteration of the car has resulted in a ruptured fuel tank. Despite this, Ford officials […]