Defanzy is a young fashion label based in Berlin. The company was born as a daughter company of Europe’s largest online shop for streetwear and hip-hop clothing, namely DefShop. On the 1st of January 2016 it started to become an independent company.Defanzy consists of five key brands, the so-called Defanzy Hero Brands: Dangerous DNGRS, Just Rhyse, Bangastic, Cazzy Clang and the newest one, the basic line, Cyprime. We offer a wide range of men’s fashion like urban and streetwear, sportswear, leisure wear as well as casual clothing and basics. These include pants, jackets, sweaters, sweatpants, t-shirts, caps, sneakers and hoodies.Defanzy provokes, sets a statement and puts itself consciously against political, cultural and the mainstream media. Individualists who wish to stand out from the 08/15 looks should not look further with the Defanzy Brands.

Defanzy runs a likewise website as well that can be found under On the website you can find edgy themes about socio-cultural and society based topics where the subject ‘’sense’’ is discussed as well.Defanzy wants to enable people to pursue a happier life, being more authentic and be more close to themselves. This is made possible with a new way of reading fashion (‘’not fashionable fashion’’) where the customers can dress freely as they feel, without the force of fashion nowadays. In this way, a person can create an own fashion world in where their own feelings, inspirations and strengths which are of utmost importance for the choice of its own style.

In the essence of Defanzy lie certain things that contribute to strengthening of one’s ego through giving wings to emotions and provoking thoughts. It is a gift which inspires people to better understand themselves and find their inner truth. This strength helps to to overcome a growing inner crisis and to accept one’s ever-changing self in order to achieve instant happiness.Dangerous DNGRS brought a new kind of revolt to life. No violence, but clear, distinctive and without wrong expectations! The collection of Dangerous DNGRS is characterized by combative and heroic attributes. Black, red and olive are the main colours here. The clothes are functional, offers space to move and furthermore, comfort. These specific elements in the design remind us of bulletproof vests and protective clothing. The clothes reflect the specific lifestyle again, that stand for revolt, upheaval, fights and critical questions. On the other hand it should provoke fashion and deliberately offend it.