The fact is that there really are only two types of shoppers — those who can afford to drop a couple hundred bucks on a Michael Kors wallet and those who dropped a couple hundred bucks on a Michael Kors wallet and now have nothing left to put inside of it.At least now you have the option of shopping on the more expensive side of the fence, or sticking to the side within your budget. Either way, the addition of these new upscale stores will allow all shoppers a one-stop-shop, especially if they’re looking to spoil themselves and indulge in more expensive items.Need a fresh pair of Uggs or a nice new Armani Exchange t-shirt? How about an item from the famous UK chain Top Shop?Well, start saving your pennies -(er, loonies) because unless you’re fortunate enough to have the money to shop in some of Square One’s new upscale stores, you might need to stick to Urban Planet for now.

And hey — if you’re that guy that goes there solely to sleep in the mall chairs, just think, with the expansion of the mall comes even more chairs and the opportunity for those new upscale shoppers to pass judgment on your little mall naps as the clash of the shoppers at Square One begins.Enter Raptors 905, a brand new NBA Development League team set to kick off its inaugural season in Mississauga this month. We recently sat down with John Wiggins, the director of team operations, to chat about the players, the year ahead and how a sports team will benefit the city.The interview has been edited for length We kind of started to see this movement of basketball exploding in the country. The Raptors have some very talented and young players that they want to develop. They started to do a little more research on the development league in late 2014, early 2015.

They started to see and understand the benefits of a program that they can assign and dedicate their players to that would allow them to learn and play, where they might not get the same opportunities with the big team. It kind of creates a plan forward for how these guys can get up and ready [for the pros], maybe even in the next couple of years. So they kind of approached us when we were The Power at the time just to say, “we see your operation here and we love the proximity [to Toronto].” The infrastructure that’s here was something that made it very easy to put [a program] in place instead of building an entire franchise from scratch. So, through those discussions over the course of the spring and summer, we were able to negotiate and hash out a deal that works for everybody that’s now Raptors 905.