Another natural control of pine beetles — parasitic wasps that lay their eggs on them — need the nectar of wildflowers for nourishment, but pine converters eliminate wildflowers, along with all the other seemingly useless flora. Nor can pine farms sustain the fox squirrels that bury puffballs which,Canada Goose le bon coin in turn, inoculate the roots of native longleaf pines with nitrogen-fixing nodules, thereby facilitating better growth and better production of the cones the squirrels eat.

Shottsville is named for the Shotts family. Dozens of gravestones in the cemetery bear the name.Canada Goose le bon coin Some of the Shottses buried here fought for the Confederacy with the Bull Mountain Volunteers. Others gave land for the adjacent single-room church. Lee Shotts, 68, his five children, and the older of his 14 grandchildren drive all the way from Roseville, Michigan, to fish for bass in the family pond. Once he caught a six- pounder.

The pond nestles in a wooded hollow at the base of Moore Hill, a four-minute walk up Bull Mountain Creek from County Road 13.Canada Goose le bon coin It is here that I encounter some of the “externalities” Ed Whitelaw has been telling me about. With the first big rain of the year, a torrent of mud, silt, and debris had swept down the feeder stream from Champion’s 100-acre clear- cut. The pond had always been transparent. Now it is Mississippi brown and crusted over with a scum of dirt, ashes, and sawdust.