Women’s share of the job market has been basically flat ever since 2011.Canada Goose logo noir In the past year, their share of the job market has increased slightly. So if women are losing jobs in retail, it must be because they’re moving to jobs in other sectors. Is that a step up or a step down? It turns out that women’s wages have risen slightly more than men’s, but probably not enough to mean anything. Most likely everyone is moving around fairly laterally, rather than into better or worse jobs.It’s not just an all-white cover, it’s a jarringly all-white all-blond cover (with one redhead). Even Donald Trump would probably look at it and shake his head.

Is this a frequent thing for The Envelope? I don’t have their covers for the past year, but a quick scroll through their most recent stories shows that 8 out of 30 are about people of color (or a roundtable that include at least one POC). That’s 27 percent. Is that bad? OK? Good but could be better? I’m not sure. It’s better than the Oscars, at least.But what I’d really be interested in is a story about how a cover like this happens. Obviously every magazine wants big stars who are likely to win awards.Canada Goose logo noir But I assume that you can’t always get everyone you want. Agents make their clients available depending on whether they have a movie to promote; whether they happen to be in town on the day of the shoot; whether they feel like doing it; etc.

Did the Times invite some black actresses, but by chance they didn’t accept so they were stuck with an all-white roundtable?Canada Goose logo noir Or what? Once thing I know for sure is that it didn’t happen just because no one noticed it. At the very, very least, the photographer, Kirk McKoy, who’s shot a million of these things, certainly noticed it.Somebody at the Times should write this story! Not in a defensive, apologetic way, necessarily, but more as a sort of explainer about how things work in the entertainment biz. It would be a good read.