Step into Not Just Steaks and you’re stepping into a little taste of Italy. Shop owner Frank DiGenova’s grandfather was a shepherd and a butcher in the mountainous region of Abruzzi, Italy. His traditional views on raising and caring for the animals, before they were sent to the slaughterhouse, were passed down to Frank’s father, also a butcher, who in turn passed his knowledge onto Frank. The day I met with Frank, the shop was filled with the comforting aroma of roasting chickens and ribs slowly churning in the rotisserie oven. “I wanted to create a one stop gourmet shop for my customers – they’ve been loyal over the years therefore I relocated from Lorne Park Rd. Canada Goose ovo to this larger Mississauga Road location so I could offer them more meat and produce choices and an array of specialty food items,” says Frank. There’s a full-time chef on the premises cooking up delicious take-out items for the steam table and they also have pre-marinated leg of lamb, seasoned burgers and chicken – all easy to toss on the grill. (That evening, I grilled up some coconut-lime marinated chicken legs that were really supurbe.) Looking around the store, I was intrigued by a huge stainless steel vat of olive oil; Frank explained that he imports the filtered-once, extra virgin olive oil from a small olive grove in the Abruzzi region and it arrives in January but sells out by September.

My taste buds were further ignited when we moved onto the meat counter; there on display was a 40oz. bone in cowboy steak- heat up the BBQ , sear the steak on all sides to seal in the juices and then cook on indirect heat for about 20 minutes, remove from the grill and let the steak rest. Finish with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of the speciality olive oil. Now keep in mind that this steak is meant for sharing but if you have the appetite – go for it – it’s heaven on a plate for all carnivores!Don’t let the name fool you, The Apple Market doesn’t specialize only in apples; this independent, family owned and run grocery store has been around for over 40 years and has evolved from being a small fruit stand, operating out of the Tiveron family barn to what is now one of the more sophisticated one-stop-shops for farm fresh produce, prepared foods, specialty food items, Canada Goose ovo a health and wellness section plus an in-house butcher and deli counter. James Tiveron, along with his sister Jennifer and her husband, Mike Pirri are the next generation to continue in the footsteps of their grandfather and their parents. In my discussion with Mike and James, it’s obvious that both men are savvy when it comes to knowing their client base and the need to keep up with the times, they created a Facebook page to inform customers of “pop-up” specials plus they have an in store flyer .

I then asked James about the butcher counter and he explains, “We offer Angus beef that’s aged six to eight weeks, Ontario lamb, chicken and pork and our staff is well- trained to “coach” our customers through dinner with fresh ideas if they are stuck.” Canada Goose ovo The top grilling items in demand include their in-house made natural beef burgers (I’ve tried them and they are juicy and full of flavour), chicken and turkey burgers, sausages, marinated skewers of steak or chicken with fresh vegetables, seasoned ribs and flattened, marinated chicken. James also mentions that every day he roasts an outside round cut of beef for their deli counter which is perfect for sandwiches to take on a summer picnic. Even though this is grill season, James wanted me to know that they adapt with the seasons and come fall they will carry fresh turkeys and hams from small Ontario farms, house-made meatloaf, pot roasts or cubes of meat for the slow-cooker. For now I will look forward to some more of those natural burgers but that comforting feeling of a roast turkey in the oven is also something to look forward to.