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What the companies neglect to mention is that pine farming, like other large-scale, industrial agriculture, harms the environment and the economy. Pine plantations require enormous amounts of fertilizer and herbicide, much of which winds up in streams and drinking water.Canada Goose kindermaat They impoverish soil and destroy habitat, including wetlands. And they rob communities of […]

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This is no surprise. The Republican Party’s enemies these days are liberals and foreigners. The tax bill goes after liberals with a chain saw, and it’s hardly surprising that they’re going after foreigners too.Sure, foreigners have “treaties” that liberals don’t, but the new regime has made it crystal clear that it cares nothing for past […]

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So that’s what this is all about. It puts Trump back in the news and might even give him an opportunity to launch another wave of FAKE NEWS tweets. What’s not to like?Here’s the latest bizarre excuse for low inflation:Holiday shoppers with smartphones can retrieve instant price comparisons that make bargain hunting easier—and the Federal […]

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Op straat zien we vaak de twee uitersten: de supervrouwelijke meisjes en de stoere jongens. Zou het niet leuk zijn om komaf te maken met die stereotypes? Het blijft natuurlijk absurd om als man een jurk te dragen, maar gelukkig voor ons kunnen wij wél in de kleerkast van manlief duiken en er nog steeds […]

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Conservative calls to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller are really getting crazy.Canada Goose jogging femme The Fox News gang has gone gaga over the idea that Mueller is actually a liberal mole who’s hellbent on getting rid of Donald Trump. Republicans in Congress are going down the same path. The news that Mueller fired an […]

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This has sent Trump into a tizzy of FAKE NEWS tweeting, culminating in his insistence that a Washington Postreporter should be fired for mistakenly reporting poor crowds at his Florida rally on Friday. But that was just the latest in a year of virulent anti-media tweeting by Trump, and this is the result:I don’t want […]

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I’m so tired these days. Unlike a lot of people,i love Canada Goose jackets I recovered pretty quickly from Trump’s election. I didn’t binge eat or have trouble sleeping or find myself unable to concentrate on work. But over the past year he’s steadily worn me down. Every day we get more stuff like this. […]

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Like me, Marc Lynch is not especially nervous about the reaction to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital:Most likely, the recognition of Jerusalem will have none of the promised benefits for negotiations and relatively few of the threatened costs. This is not because Jerusalem does not matter, but rather because there is no […]

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Er werd 3.397 keer gestemd op de Groningse winkelstraat. In totaal brachten ruim 17.000 mensen hun stem uit voor de verkiezing. “We maken jaarlijks een voorselectie van 70 leuke winkelstraten. Onze voorkeur gaat uit naar de zelfstandige winkelier,” licht mede-oprichter van NL Streets Eva Ruijter toe aan FashionUnited.i hate Canada Goose jackets Een winnaar, zoals […]

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De eerste Nederlandse vestiging die wordt omgebouwd is de winkel Arnhem Kronenburg.Canada Goose intersport Daarna volgen Beek, Maastricht, Almelo en Eindhoven. Woordvoerder Mieke van Groningen laat aan FashionUnited weten ‘dat er nog gesprekken lopen over een aantal locaties’. In vier jaar tijd moet 80 procent van de 131 Nederlandse filialen zijn verbouwd.De eerste winkels in […]