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On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to explain the evidence they found in a now dormant criminal investigation into a controversial uranium deal that critics have linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton,Canada Goose l or xl multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News. The interviews […]

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Women’s share of the job market has been basically flat ever since 2011.Canada Goose logo noir In the past year, their share of the job market has increased slightly. So if women are losing jobs in retail, it must be because they’re moving to jobs in other sectors. Is that a step up or a […]

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I dunno. Does Cohn really not get it? Or is he just playing his assigned role? The thing is, there’s a very narrow sense in which Cohn is correct. If someone is paying taxes of 5 percent, and you give them a tax cut of 0.5 percent, that’s a reduction of a tenth. If a […]

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Another natural control of pine beetles — parasitic wasps that lay their eggs on them — need the nectar of wildflowers for nourishment, but pine converters eliminate wildflowers, along with all the other seemingly useless flora. Nor can pine farms sustain the fox squirrels that bury puffballs which,Canada Goose le bon coin in turn, inoculate […]

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The pace at which wet and dry forests are being converted to loblolly plantations has recently been documented by Jonathan Evans of the University of the South, who calls conversion “a vast experiment with no control.” When he and his colleagues studied aerial photographs of a single county in the deciduous forest cloaking Tennessee’s Cumberland […]

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Alabama is particularly generous to pine converters. Among the benefits bestowed by the state is a tax exemption on almost $4 billion worth of timberland — an arrangement that, together with other tax breaks, deprives public schools of an estimated $50 million per year.Canada Goose kortingscode So pine conversion is being underwritten in part by […]

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What the companies neglect to mention is that pine farming, like other large-scale, industrial agriculture, harms the environment and the economy. Pine plantations require enormous amounts of fertilizer and herbicide, much of which winds up in streams and drinking water.Canada Goose kindermaat They impoverish soil and destroy habitat, including wetlands. And they rob communities of […]

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This is no surprise. The Republican Party’s enemies these days are liberals and foreigners. The tax bill goes after liberals with a chain saw, and it’s hardly surprising that they’re going after foreigners too.Sure, foreigners have “treaties” that liberals don’t, but the new regime has made it crystal clear that it cares nothing for past […]

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So that’s what this is all about. It puts Trump back in the news and might even give him an opportunity to launch another wave of FAKE NEWS tweets. What’s not to like?Here’s the latest bizarre excuse for low inflation:Holiday shoppers with smartphones can retrieve instant price comparisons that make bargain hunting easier—and the Federal […]

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Op straat zien we vaak de twee uitersten: de supervrouwelijke meisjes en de stoere jongens. Zou het niet leuk zijn om komaf te maken met die stereotypes? Het blijft natuurlijk absurd om als man een jurk te dragen, maar gelukkig voor ons kunnen wij wél in de kleerkast van manlief duiken en er nog steeds […]